Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Back to School

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Book review: The 5th wave

Spoilers throughout:

There are aliens among us, literally. No, not the peace-loving, green hippie dudes either. These guys definitely do not come in peace. They have infested us. They have become us. They are dormant in the chosen bodies for a while, but the kind of meld together -other and human. Their goal appears to be to eradicate the human race. They want this planet. They do NOT want us. They create the perfect enemy- ourselves. The humans don't know who is "infected" and who is just an innocent human. It's perfect, everyone just kill everyone. Trust no one. Survival is in numbers typically, and they wiped that whole concept completely out. The humans left are easy pickings- the eye will find you if you don't keep moving, the eye will find you if you stay put. You will be silenced. 

Only, what if some of these "others" have become more human and alien. What if? You can't help but wonder if one silencer feels this way, do others?? Will the human race finally have hope? 

I am having a hard time rating this. I mean the story is CRAZY! But, the jumping pov's got annoying for me, at times. I am such a little chicken, so this gave me the creeps. I would have finished it so much quicker if I wasn't a pansy who didn't want to read this at night. 

I think the fellas will enjoy this one. 

4 stars from me.