Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Until the beginning

Until the Beginning (After the End, #2)Until the Beginning by Amy Plum
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a very good follow-up book. I almost want to say I prefer it over its predecessor, After the End. I think I do. So much happens in this one, it's kind of bonkers!
If you have not read the first book, there will be spoilers from here on.
So, this sets off right where the last book ended (which is awesome, so many 2nd books start off in left field...this was very straightforward), Juneau and Miles have been tracking down her clan, but now Miles has been put in a life-threatening situation, he must undergo The Rite. He is becoming like the members of Juneau's clan, only he is going through this transition younger than what they do. Juneau is concerned he will not survive....obviously, he does. Miles is her "oracle", he guides her in ways he himself doesn't even understand.

When they discover where Juneau's clan is being, a whole other host of problems and worries arise. How in the world can 2 teenagers save a whole clan from such a well-guarded, high funded place?
Why is this person holding out for Juneau to come to the clan (and him)? what does he want from her? Who can she trust? Of course, Whit comes to make his case and plead with Juneau to. Who does she trust? It appears even her own father has spun a web of deceit. And, what of Miles' father? He's not going to just let his son (and secret ingredient) walk away!

Whew. This was fast paced. I plowed through it! I enjoyed it. Some of the issues I had with book 1, seem to be resloved....like Miles' voice (it seemed so cheesy in the last book, and not like what a teenage boy would say), it was much better for me this go round.

Pretty good. And, the ending sets us up for a nice road trip if there is a 3rd book!
3.75 stars

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Court of Mist and Fury...book love.....

Holy Night Court!!!! This book just slayed me! Seriously, this book is 624 pages and I could have cried when it ended. I am foaming at the mouth for more. I have so many questions, so many thoughts! I need more! NOW! (May release date for #3) I have been converted into a Rhysand Fangirl! 

I have to note, that I was not super in love with the first book, but since so many people swoon over these and i had heard the second one was better, I gave this one a try! I am so glad. This has quickly turned into one of my all time favorites! I like it so much, I would consider rereading....like right now, right after finishing it! (This is huge for me, because I DO NOT reread anything!!!) 

Spoilers from here on:

I think part of what I didn't love about the first book was Tamlin..... I mean, I didn't hate him or anything, but there was always something pulling me to Rhysand. So, with this book, kicking off with Feyre about to marry Tamlin, I was worried....but, that wonderful bond between her and Rhys prevailed and thus the love story of Feryshand was anew. I understood a lot of Feyre's guilt, but toward the middle I was about to scream at her to just let Rhys in! I will say, the wait was worth it. Whew. 

The queens' betrayal in the end was not a shocker to me. It was so sad though, watching Feyre's sisters being turned and all their friends being hurt in some way. I want hybern to die. I hope Feyre gets to slay him. At this point, i hope she atleast gets to beat the snot out of Tamlin. He is ridiculous. I am wondering if Lucien is going to switch allegiances?? I also, can't help but wonder how long it will take Tamlin to see through Feyre's act? I mean, he eventually is going to expect her to sleep with him, right?!?!?!? How in the world could she do that? Especially, now that Rhys has made her his equal in all ways (swoon). I am curious if she will end up being pregnant? They didn't use the elixer, or whatever it is, to prevent it during their escapades! 

I hope they get to the good queen, who helped them with the book quickly....the others will probably kill her for her betrayal if not. She might could be of use with the human realm too.... very curious where this is going.
Ahhh!!!! I am in love!

5 amazing stars!
Read this, read this, read this!!!!!! 

Love. Love. Love.

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