Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fire & Flood

I really enjoyed this one! It has a very Hunger Games-ish vibe going on, but not so much to make it just a repeat, copy-cat. The race for a cure gave it so much varying meanings and the added pandoras were very interesting. I am frothing for #2!

Spoilers ahead:

I really thought "Guy's" character was way older in the beginning....Just the way she spoke of him, made me feel like he was 40 or something. So, for him to be 19 kind of put me off for a second there. But, after getting to know him, I really enjoy his story-line and can't wait to see what else he knows! 
I'm nervous for all the competitor's, especially one's like Guy, who have a hidden agenda.

I really liked the Pandora's, such a cool idea.....except the human one.... that was odd. I feel like this is going to become an issue in later books. 

I'm curious where the next leg of the race will be. And, who will win the cure? Or is there even a cure?

I am bothered by Tella's family...why did they not communicate with her about this race? I know they didn't want her to go, but it just seems like something very big to hide completely. I guess hindsight is 20/20 right? I'm wondering if Tella's grandmother is going to be brought up more? She just felt important. 

I really liked Guy, but that name?!?!?!? Sort of odd. 

Oy. I have so many feels. I can't even. I just need the next book. N.O.W. 

4.5 stars-Highly recommend. Super fast paced, fun read.