Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Court of Thorns and Roses Review

I wanted to love this book.... I mean, I seriously wanted to have the mother of all gush fests! This book (s) have such a strong following, so many people just eat them up.

For me, unfortunately, the beginning is so darn slow, it took forever to get to the "story". I didn't really get caught up until somewhere after chapter 16. With that being said, when I did get invested, I was HOOKED! Like, can't put it down hooked!
I haven't always had the best of luck with retellings-this is a lose retelling of "Beauty and the Beast"- but, I like the subtle throwbacks to it.

Brief Synopsis:
Feyre's village is poor, she has resorted to hunting to keep her family fed, selling the furs for little money. One day she is hunting and spots a deer, as she is going for the shot, she notices a wolf. She is undecided, kill or not; fairy or not. She goes for it. She kills it. After this, a whirlwind of events happen that result her into going into a new world, a fairy world. She is to live with Tamlin, a hard, cold fairy. But, at times, his humanity shines through. Something seems to shift. There is something wicked brewing throughout the and, and Feyre ends up in the middle of it. She is needed. Her task is simple, save this fairy world and her own human one.

Spoilers from here on:

I liked Tamlin, pretty much instantly, Feyre was kind of whiny and bratty to me. I understand she was not happy about leaving her family behind, but Tamlin took very good care of them and told her so. He was very good to her, she was treated like a royal guest instead of a captive. I guess I wish she had let him in sooner. Amarantha was one freaky, mean-a$$ chick. Feyre was so brave when it came to her "challenges". I think i would have just died from fear (Is that possible?!?!!? LOL)
I have a feeling Rhysand is going to become a very important a point, I wonder if he will become a love interest?!?!?!?!? Feyre clearly has some sort of feeling for him...not sure what exactly they are, but there is something there.
I am also curious if any of her sisters will cross over into the fairy world? Or will Alis end up going to the human world?? I just feel like we are headed for some sort of fairy-human world mash up.

At the end of the day, I would like to read the next book, but I'm not just chomping at the bit either. I wonder if this is one of those series' that the books just get better as we progress????
And, please try this one out! I am clearly in the minority, most readers seem to be REALLY into this!!!!

3.75 stars for me.

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