Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Shatter me

Holy Smokes Batman, this was good!!!!

Spoilers ahead:

Juliette is not like everyone else. Her touch can be deadly. She hates this about herself. She is trapped in a prison cell alone for about a year until one day she gets a new cellmate, Adam. He is so familiar to her, yet she tries to block out all her memories. They are too devasting, from parents who hated her and kids calling her names to the accident that everyone thinks she did on purpose. She doesn't want to be the way she is, she hates it. But, not everyone thinks being able to touch and kill people is a bad thing. Is Adam with or against her? Can she ever survive anywhere but isolation. Is she destined to be alone the rest of her life?

#1: I adore Adam. At first I was scared he was tricking her, but now I just Swoon over him. He has some of the best book lines ever as far as talking to a girl!!!
#2: I feel soooo sorry for Juliette and everyone in this messed up world. Especially the orphans!
#3: I hate Warner and seriously want him to just go away!
#4: Just let Adam and Juliette have sex already!!!! ;)
#5: The end really went x-menish to me, not neccessarily a bad thing, but I do think she could have been a little more original on everyone's super powers....
#6: The crossing out thing got old super fast, I was glad it slowed down toward the middle-end. 
#7: After finishing this I really wanted to read more! That's awesome
Tahereh Mafi!

Bottomline: This is a solid and good YA dystopian story. I highy suggest you read this one! It is not one to miss!!!

4.5 stars

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