Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Anna dressed in blood review

I am giving tins 4 stars wholeheartedly knowing that this is not for everyone. That being said, I didn't really think it was going to be for me (sorry bookers) but I was dramatically suprised at how much I ended up liking it.

I feel like hard-core horror fans will not be as impressed. They will want more. This was like a gateway book... on to more scary things. This is good for people like me.... cowardly readers, not saying it doesn't have some freaky moments, but nothing really frightened me. This author has a way of writing that is so pleasant to read, even when something terrible was going on I just had to keep reading. Kendare Blake is an author I would definitely read more of. 

The plot:
Cas is a ghost-hunter, a ghost-killer really. He comes in with his fancy knife and sends them to wherever it is that they go. He is one of the only people who can do this, it's in his blood. His latest assignment leads him to Anna. She is a frightening ghost who kills anyone who enters her house. Cas is an exception, she knows he wants to kill her, yet she can't bring herself to harm him. The build a relationship, albiet weird and complicated. In the end, Cas' family history has came back with a deadly agenda. It's going to take all Cas' abilities, along with a little help from his friends to hopefully defeat this creature for once and all. 

4 stars

If this even somewhat interests you, I'd definitely say go out and get this one!!! This is the kind of book that makes me love the Young-Adult genre. Fantasic storyline and fantasic story-telling. It doesn't get much better than this!

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