Friday, September 2, 2016

Anna and the french kiss review

Sooo, I am undeniably jealous of Anna!!! Paris! A cute English/American Boy with an Accent! Did I mention Paris?!?!?!

Ahhh, the city of romance. Love is building up the entire time while reading this one. It's a bit teen angst, love you-hate you, We're just friends, I've got to have you.

Summary: Anna has been shipped off to Paris to finish out her last year of high School. She is from Atlanta (Hotlanta, representin') a pretty southern(but not too twangy to the point of cheesyness)normal teenage girl. She is swooning over Topher, her hometown crush when she is flying over the ocean. Once landing in Frace she spots St. Clair and nothing is the same after that first meeting. He enters her mind. They become friends. He has a girlfriend, his mother has cancer, he's scared of change. They spend a considerable amount of time togehter (I'd be super jealous if I was his girlfriend). They develop a friendship. They get each other. They are in love.... but will they ever act on it?!?!?

Holy Shitake Mushrooms!!! I adored this little love story. It was just too cute. Swoonworthy, gobble-fest worthy. When I couldn't be reading, I was wishing I was! The characters were so very enjoyable. They all had little side-stories, but nothing too distracting.

4.0 stars + St. Clair= 4.5 stars

Appropriate for the Young Adult age group, no sex- scenes, I'd say 13 and up.


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