Tuesday, September 13, 2016

DIY Faux Cotton Stems

DIY Faux Cotton Stems

Materials need:
  • Large cotton ball
  • Pine-cones
  • Tree Branches
  • Glue gun
  • Glue Sticks

Most of us will find some cottons balls in a bathroom drawer or under the sink. For the tree branches; I just took a walk around my yard and picked-up a few branches that had fallen out of my trees.  You will need a branch with many branches on it. You will have more cotton stems with the branches that branch out. I have some from oaks, pines and maple trees.  You only need 2 or 3 pine-cones. If you do not have trees; you can us faux flower stems. 


 I stretched some of the cotton balls out a little flat and some I formed a little nest. Apply a dollop of glue to the middle of the cotton ball. Also, I found that if you cover the top of the stem with cotton ball it’s much easier. Just press down around the stem very carefully so as not to burn your fingers from the hot glue. (I now have bandages on a couple of fingers.)

Next, apply hot glue to the outside of the pine cone scale that you have removed from the cone, the pieces will need to curl around the cotton balls. Again, be very careful that the hot glue doesn’t burn your fingers while pressing to the cotton ball. When applying to the cotton, make sure to secure it at the base where the cotton meets the branch. You will need three pieces of the cone for each cotton ball.

You may also pull the cotton ball in half if they are too close together on the branch. By doing this, you will end up with different size cotton balls which will look more natural.

I hope you enjoy making these cotton stems as much as we did. SUPER easy project… you just need to be SUPER careful with the hot glue. We would love to see photos of your finished project.

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