Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cover lust: the selection

What is it about this book that makes so many people hate it? What about it has made for such mixed reviews.


I.Loved.It. it

I have to first start off and say that I 100% despise the television show 'The Bachelor', so when this started off with Bachelor with Royalty vibe I was worried. But, something about this world Kiera Cass has created just sucked me in. It was magical.  And, don't even get me started on the cover- it is most definitely a personal favorite! 

So what is this book about? In a nutshell it's about a Prince searching for love and a girl who gets swept up in The Selection and doesn't know where her heart is headed. Can she ever love this Prince? Does he even really care for her? Can she ever get over her first love? Does he really love her in return. 

This girl needs a little self-esteem in the love department.... But, doesn't young love do that to us all? Leave us guessing? Leave us on our toes?

Fantastic 1st book. 4 very deserving stars. 1 very tired Kristy (I just marathon read this Beeoch!)

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