Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wowza, what a book!!!!!

Dead to You by Lisa McMann


no really, did that just happen?!?!?!?!?!

Watch out Spoilers probably ahead...

I'll get to that wtf moment in a bit, I guess I should start from the beginning...
So basically this 7 year old kid, Ethan was abducted from his family. It has been 9 years and they get the call that Ethan has been found. He is coming home. This poor kid lived with his "abducter" Ellen for a while and then she decided to dump him of at a kids' home in some bum-fu@! town where there are "no questions asked".

Okay, this pisses me off.... I digress

He lives there a while. Screws some girl named Tempest, decides to leave and go live on the streets and at the zoo. Did I mention this kid is only like 13-15 during all this.

So, he gets to go home and be with his famiy now after 9 years of not knowing who he is. He "meets" his mom, dad, younger brother and 6 year old sister. Yeah, she was born just a year after he was taken. Also another kinda pisses me off moment. But, she turns out to be too darn cute to get mad at. So, I let this one go.

Ethan's Brother on the other hand was pretty awful to him. He is angry that Ethan doesn't remember anything. He is angry at him for living in his space. He is just angry. This kid made me sick. Up until literally the last page I hated him. But, he turned out to be right. Don't ya hate that?!?!?!

So, I had a range of emotions reading this. I was happy for the family at first, I was sad for Ethan not being able to fit in, I was mad at pretty much every character at some point or another.

I read this book because I am a huge fan of Lisa McMann. Her Wake trilogy was easy to read and just awesome.
I am still a huge fan.

Even after this wtf ending. I can't believe it. I thought maybe Ethan would run away or Blake would try and kill him or something. But, I DID NOT SEE this coming. Holy Hell!

4 stars

Content: A lot of F-Bombs were dropped. Not suitable for probably under 15??


  1. Wow. I stumbled upon your blog and decided to comment. Wow, sounds like an interesting read. Maybe a page turner? I'd be talking back to the book "no, no! Don't do that!" Glad to have read your post.

    1. I definitely had a few talks with this bad boy!!! 😛
      Check it out and let me know how you liked it!