Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Across the uni

If you’re looking for structure and complete thoughts you might want to avert your eyes. If you’re into ramblings then I’m your girl!
I believe I waited to read this one for so long because it looked so long and the back wasn’t screaming at me either. I am an IDIOT! I should have read this as soon as I bought it. The word “good’ just doesn’t seem to do this justice. It was brilliant and so creative. I loved it. GUSH, GUSH, GUSH! Beth Revis better watch out, she just created a monster of a Fan-girl! This should seriously be a high-school English Novel, there are so many thoughts in this that could turn into such wonderful discussions. Ie:
The Humanity, or lack thereof in this book is just unreal. 
The drugs used to make people less emotional.
The hormones being filtered in the air.
The Plague, that’s not really a plague. 
The Elder/Eldest relationship.
Why did Amy get unplugged?
Why would Amy’s parents ever agreed to doing this in the first place?
Is Love a needed emotion?
Is the “Season” to animalistic or is it practical?
Whose side are you on? 

There are so many more. I’m just trying to list some without giving anything away. 

This is my favorite book I’ve read this year. I’m sure there are skeptics who are going to look into the probability and likelihood, the science and not get into it… BUT, if you can just read it as the fictional story that it is, WOW, it will blow you away.

I know I say this all the time, but READ IT!!! 

Yes, dingus I am talking to you! READ IT!!!

Even if the back doesn’t feel that interesting to you, READ IT!! 

Give it 50 pages, if you’re not hooked then it’s not for you, but man… just try this one out!!!! 

4.5 stars

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