Tuesday, August 30, 2016


An interesting story. Normally these peculiar people might be the bad guy, something scary, but in this book they become the heroes.

Spoilers ahead.
A part of me really enjoyed this journey. A part of me really didn't like those old photos. I'm a chicken, I know. There were a few times I had to cover the picture to read the page beside it. Some of them were hauntingly beautiful.

The parents. Ugh. I don't like them. Poor Jacob really couldn't talk to them....and then to be tricked by the therapist???!!! It was sad to me, for him.

The whole Emma-grandpa-Emma-Jacob thing... A part of me wants them to be together..... But, then again....how could he ever trust that she wasn't just using him to feel a connection to her former love? I guess her letter to Jacobs dad was showing her moving on....

That picture in the end looked like a concentration camp! If that's where #2 is going, I don't know if I can hang! Those war stories absolutely make me sick. I am curious about these characters' journey though....

And, why the heck can't Mrs. P turn????

4 stars. 

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