Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Such a rush

I have to admit that I only wanted to read this because I fell in cover-lust. Then, when I saw it was about airplanes I sort of backed away and didn't think I would be in love. But, Mrs. Echols intruiged me from the very beginning.

And, I have to add this book was perfect for reading over the weekend, while lounging in the pool and looking at these huge, fluffy, white clouds..........

There was just something so real about these characters.
Leah: Struggled with being poor, with growing up in a trailer park, with having a very absent mother. She had trouble figuring out exactly who she was supposed to be, but she had her sights set on becoming a pilot. Leah was annoying at times, but I felt for her. She was a complex and thought proviking character for me.

Grayson: Struggled with the death of his brother and Father, with the thought of his only other brother leaving, with maintaining his Father's business, with his feelings for Leah.

Alec: We don't get to know him as well, but some information given to us later in the story really gave some insight on the questions I had. He is also going through the ache of losing 2 of his family members and trying to figure out what to do with his life. He seems so easy going and polite, but he has a lot going on behind his cool demeanor.

Molly: The most annoying rich best-fried on Leah got on my nerves. She has a big mouth and feelings for someone that she should have just been honest about in the beginning.

Honesty. A simple little word that these characters needed to use. They all mostly had good intentions, but some kind of backwards ways of showing they care.

Swoon over Grayson with me and read this one.
Root for the Rags-to-Riches, stubborn, goal-oriented Leah and read this one.

4 stars

definitely curious about this author.

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