Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The elite review

Stay with me here for a minute....
My favorite shows consist of:
Vampire Diaries
Big Bang Theory
The Tudors
Game of Thrones
That 70's Show
Cougar Town

What I'm getting at is no where (not even near the bottom rung) is there any reality shows on my list. I do not watch the Bachelor. I do not watch American Idol. Heck, I don't really even get into The Voice. 
I'm stating this because I want everyone to know that these books are not my usual cup of tea, but there is something so compelling in them, that I can't help but gobble them up! 

In this book, there are only 6 girls left fighting for the right to become a one and wear the Maxon's matching crown. 

Some Spoilers from here on:

I have rooted for Maxon pretty much the whole time! Until, that horrid moment with Celeste! I really wanted to punch her IN THA FACE !!!!
Even after he revealed his horrid little secret to America, I still didn't have as much sympathy for him as I probably should have. I get that his situation kind of sucks, but that girl is Awful! I think in most cases, I would be rooting for Aspen, but for some reason this go round, I can't really root for him either. 
In the beginning of this one, I pretty much thought America had this one in the bag. But, I have to admit I am worried. I can't help but wonder what Maxon's intentions are. Is he really a meanie?? 

All-in-all, I just wish America would make up her mind! I think she might have at the end of this one, but knowing her she will probably flip-flop again. I'm a bit annoyed with her, yet she fascinates me as a character. 

4 stars. 

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