Monday, August 29, 2016

See me

well, at this point I'm beginning to wonder if Nicholas Sparks just writes the books to be made into movies? As usual, the story is good, but his way of telling it is just...ok. I 99.9% of the time prefer his books as movies (with the exception of The Longest Ride , which was fantastic).

This one had more of a mystery-romance vibe going on, so it veered a little different than most of his other books that I've read. All in all, I enjoyed it. I'm not raving about it, but i wouldn't try to deter anyone from reading it either. 

Honestly, I think i enjoyed the side character of Evan and Lily more than Maria and Colin at times.....
And, I never get the 'who-done-it' right, but I guessed this one pretty early on :) Bonus points for me.

Spoilers ahead:
I would have liked more details of the actual case that causes all this ruckus...instead of Maria's day to day work and pervert boss. Just gross. 
That epilogue really drew me in. It would have been awesome to have a few more of those Stalker perspectives throughout. 
Also, this one didn't have a ton of cheesy moments, which is great!

3 stars

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