Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vampire Diaries Tour!

With the sad announcement that this season would be the last season of Vampire Diaries, I figured I had better get my toosh down to Covington, GA to do the tour!! It was all of an hour and a half away from my home, so my birthday was the perfect excuse to go.
Got to say, I had a blast. (Hubby had a pretty good time even though he is sooo not into the show)
Going to the tour definitely inspired me to go back and re-watch all the seasons! I forgot how much i loved the first 2 especially!

Vampire Stalkers is the tour to do! These ladies know their stuff.

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Anywho, thought I would share a few pics.
The iconic courthouse

We did eat here, at the Mystic Grill....but, it is not anything like the one from the show.....

Kissing in the same spot as the famous Delena kiss!!!

at the lockwood fountain 

My husband hates this pic! But, I had to be drowned a la Carol Lockwood. 

These signs are so cool. FUN FACT: they change the square out with whatever mystic falls event is going on with these flags/signs. 

Bonnie's house

Mask from the Masquerade Ball episode.

I can't wait to do The Originals Tour! (Done by the same company)
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