Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dear ole' Dad!

Today is my Dad's 60th birthday!!! Lucky Dog is at the Braves game!!! (along with Taylor, Toby, Papa Terry, Uncle Jody and Joe)
It's taylor's very first time going!

Tomahawk Chop!

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Joe and Taylor's 1st MLB game

For this monumental birthday, we threw Dad a surprise party! He was thrilled to see some of his friends and family!!! We asked that everyone write him a special memory instead of bringing a gift! Reading those was probably his favorite part! Laughter, tears and reliving life moments!

I also had this awesome pallet painted for him! It depicts his shop that he owns, KVK. 
The quote "Stand for something or fall for anything" was written on the dog tags my brother always wore. 

And, one of Nana and the girls just because! (Yes, Skylar is holding a minecraft is her prized possession and her boyfriend) ;)

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