Monday, July 27, 2015

Olivia's Intro Post

This is my first post, and I am so excited to be introducing my family!

I met my husband, Justin in October 2013. We were quickly head over heels in love.
In February 2014, after a few short months together, we found out that I was pregnant. We were a little surprised, excited, and extremely nervous. We were young; he was 22, and I was 20. I was working as a McDonald's manager and going to college full time. Having a baby was definitely not part of my plan at that time, but I was in love with Justin, and our "baby" the second I found out we were expecting. Telling our families was difficult, but after lots of tears, they were very accepting and loving. In March, we found out that our baby was actually babies-twins!
The thought of having two babies was terrifying for us. Our relationship struggled during my pregnancy. It was not a relationship built on years of love and commitment. It was still new and we were only beginning our life together when we learned that our unit of two was soon going to be a family of four. Although we had our disagreements, we both loved our babies more than anything and we knew we could make it work for them. In May, we found out that we were having a girl and a boy-a dream come true!
Over the next several months, our relationship got stronger, and we were both committed to becoming the best parents possible, and giving our babies a loving family.

  I was due October 28, 2013, but I was told by my doctors to expect my babies much earlier. I had few problems throughout, other than constant morning sickness. At the end of August, when I was about 30 weeks, I had to stop working. I didn't even realize that's what they were because I had gotten so used to my back hurting so bad all the time! 
I waited and waited (sometimes impatiently) for something to happen during September, but thankfully, our babies were staying in and growing. 
I had been seeing my OB or the perinatologist at least once a week, with no problems, other than decreasing amniotic fluid every week, but they assured me that was normal. 
My C-Section was scheduled for October 16 and everything had gone as planned so far. I went to see the perinatologist on October 8th. I wasn't worried about anything, it was just a check up, so Justin went on to work. It started out just like every other appointment, but during the ultrasound, I realized something was different by the questions they were asking.. Have you still been feeling them move? Have you been leaking any fluid? They had me change positions several times and walk around. They couldn't get Baby A to move, although her heart rate was still steady. Baby B had very little amniotic fluid and had not grown significantly in 2-4 weeks. The decided it was time to have some babies!
I called Justin and my mom and went on to the hospital. I was so nervous.
On October 9th, they took me to the OR and tried the spinal, but it wasn't working. They put me to sleep and the next thing I remember is my mom sitting me up in the bed and handing me my beautiful babies. Although I don't remember the scary parts, I've heard the story from everyone who was there that day. Brooks was obviously in distress when he was born. He was rushed out of the OR immediately. My family who was waiting in the hall, said they couldn't even tell that the nurse was holding a baby because he was so small and she had him wrapped in blankets. He had a little trouble with breathing and maintaining his temperature, but we all went home after 4 days. 

Ava Marie 
15 lbs 15 oz
18.5 inches 
1:05 PM
Brooks Kyle
4 lbs 15 oz
18 inches
1:06 PM

These babies have brought more joy to my life than I ever imagined. Watching them learn and grow is a daily blessing, although it is sometimes challenging. Having a boy and a girl is so much fun! They are so different, but each so special in their own way. 

Ava is my feisty, opinionated, and independent little girl. She loves everything girly...nail polish, dresses, shoes, and Princess movies. She is definitely the leader of the two. 
Brooks is my sensitive little guy. He is gentle with everyone, with the exception of Ava some days. He had a rough start and was sick and hospitalized several times, but he has made so much progress, especially recently. He loves music, dancing, Elmo, and tractors. 
On August 16, 2014, we made our family a little more official. I married my best friend, and I finally share my children's last name. Even though our beginning might not have been perfect, the story we're writing everyday is pretty wonderful. 

Being a wife, twin mom, and having a full time career is busy, but so much fun everyday. It's a learning process, too. I can't wait to share my experiences with you all!

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