Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Taylor's favorite activity this summer....(so far)

So, I had the bright idea to have a paint fight with Taylor. Warning: this is MESSY to the max! But, Taylor had so much fun, it was worth it. 

We started off by applying our War Paint. We just used tempura, but I wish we would have had the body paint type (you get what you get when it's last minute shenanigans though.)  I let taylor paint however he liked and he had a blast. 

Next, we used our paint filled squirt guns (watered way down paint) to spray each other. There was lots of hiding at our "bases" and dodging bullets going on.   We had a total of 4 guns and that wasn't enough for this kid! 

Taylor ranks this 5 gazillion stars.
I have to agree ;)
We will definitely do this one again! So many ways to modify it! 
Playtime is the best time. Just play with your kids the best way you know how! Don't worry, if you have forgotten, they are usually pretty good at giving instructions. :)

There may or may not be a hand-print on the outside of our house.... 

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