Thursday, July 16, 2015

Parthenon-Nashville: Yay or nay?!?!?!

 So, Taylor and I read the Percy Jackson books (the first two) this summer and also watched the movies. In the first film, the gang heads to the Parthenon (in Nashville) to retrieve one of the pearls.... So, Taylor, Dad and me all rode up there to check it out. 
Selfie with Athena 

Movie Script, Percy's Pen and Pearl from the film. 
Small Scale 

So, was this worth going to??? Well, I wouldn't make a special trip to see it, but if you are in the Nashville area already I'd give it a go. It's cheap, like $6 a ticket and it is something to see. Taylor, Dad and I all agreed we were glad we saw it, but we would probably never have the desire to see it again. 

I was a bit dissapointed...The building is multiple stories and I thought each level would be the whole ancient Greece/God's and Goddesses type thing.... but, the whole second floor was a local artists' exhibit (that wasn't thrilling for us), the first was just the entrance and the gift shop, the next was all about building the Parthenon, so that left all of one floor to be the Greece deal.  Literally 2 rooms up there, one with the giant Athena statue (which is cool) and the other with a few busts..... 

We liked the tidbits about the movie and would have liked a bit more. 

We rated this 2.5 out of 5 stars. 

All in all,  it's gorgeous. The outside park area would be great for a picnic. It's neat to see. We have no regrets of visiting, but feel no burning desire to tell anyone they "have" to go. 

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