Tuesday, July 28, 2015

(MY) Top 5 Netflix Shows for babies/toddlers

While I do not let my kids just watch TV all the time, I do allow them to watch as a treat. They especially like the music end of things...they are not the kind to just sit there zombified looking at the screen, they like to dance along, play and glance up a little. 

Hands down #1 pick: Baby Genius 

This is mostly music, so my girls love it! The graphics are definitely not up-to-date, but they don't care. The like the friendly, albeit kinda weird looking animals and the upbeat songs! 

#2 Barney (especially this Let's go to the Farm one)

I can't believe I am actually suggesting this purple fella.... But, my girls absolutely love this! All the farm animals and music keep them entertained. They actually "watch" this one. As in, they look at it for approximately 2 minutes at a time ;)

#3 Puppy Party 

Ok, so this is pretty much just a bunch of puppies running around....but, it's cute for a little while. The girls like doggies right now, so it works.... 
There is also, kitten party and animal party available. Just a load of cuteness.

#4: LeapFrog (all titles) 

As far as education goes, these offer a good deal. Numbers, abc's, phonics, etc. They aren't super annoying either....so there's that. 

#5: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood 

He's cute and friendly. The girls like the songs and his little tiger voice. He offers more in the social development areas. 

Now, if finding clean, good shows for the 7 year old was as easy..................