Thursday, July 23, 2015

My First Chalk Paint

I keep seeing all this beautiful old furniture painted with Chalk Paint. So, I had to give it a try. We had a couple of old end tables that were not being used. My daughter, Kristy, was needing a couple of nightstands.

While Kristy was in Florida on vacation; I decide to try Chalk Paint.

Have any of you priced the name brand "Chalk Paint"?  Cost was to much for my first try!!!

The lady at Lowe's told me that I could make my own chalk paint.....Really!

Here we go.....


So, this was really easy!!!
No sanding, just wiped clean with damp cloth.
One coat was suppose to cover took two coats.

I am so pleased with the finished product.

 Final products only took me around 4 hours....really....this included the drying time and the final  waxing.

These beautiful finished tables will be a surprise for Kristy when she walks into her bedroom when she get back from vacation. :)

 I am already on the lookout for my next piece to love with Chalk Paint! 

Please share your chalk paint pieces with me....would love to see and hear others experience.

Note: only mix up enough paint to cover item...the homemade chalk paint will not keep.

I will post the recipe for Chalk Paint a little later.

All my materials are from:

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